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    Yo, Sem& Freal, man& was all up on this for a day& Ill give the benefit of the doubt, bro& But yo, you have the power to get exclusives, man& Is there a way you can still get a grab? Dont let the fans down, man& Were def counting on you. Get the label to send it to you still& It aint too late until an hour.

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    Someone, anyone, call Albertsons and tell them that Ray Ramono's t.v. wife gives me a headache. No more of her. And while you are at it, tell them to blow up their location at Center and 5th West. For Jenny and me. Thanks!

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    Hi Cinthya! Thank you so much for featuring my Greeting Card Decor. I love following your blog and seeing all the great creations.Have a "Crazy Beautiful" week!!

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    You are very brave Arti! I even have trouble with the public transportation in my own country even when I can read the signs. I have ridden the bullet train out of Tokyo, but it was a long time ago.

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    Grand grand merci pour les Mandelmonde qui ont ravi petits et grands pour Noël !Par contre, j'ai fait des étoiles, n'ayant pas d'emporte-pièce en forme de lune. Comment les appelle-t-on ?

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    Search for a telephone number and look at all the garbage you get. A few years ago you only got a few pretty relevant hits. Not anymore.

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    i like the fabric that you used in place of the door! i don't know that i have many good closet tips--i'm one of those who uses only wood hangers, yet gets upset with how much room they consume.i do like to keep fabric bins on some higher shelves--one is for clutches, the other for scarves, etc etc. It keeps them out of sight, yet I know I only need to bring one down to find what I'm looking for. xx

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    Fred, Thank you for the report.You have to admit that at least there will be a race in November.The voters who really want some change, may have a chance to get some.For too long the people in NJ have been brainwashed into thinking that they old way is the only way.That may not be so anymore.Did you see in PA, where Gov Randell is talking about doing some new things in his budget.Our leaders down in Trenton should take some notes!

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    Hi. Do these deals cover content accessed from foreigner countries like the European Union member-states? Thank you very much in anticipation for you kind answer.

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    help with software downloads?Everything I download (software tutorials and trials, programs, free photoshop brushes, ect.) opens in Windows Photo Gallery, the stuff im downloading is not a photo. It opens after downloading in windows photo gallery and says "Photo gallery cannot open this picture or video. The file format is not supported, or you dont have the latest updates to Photo Gallery"This is starting to tick me off because I cant use anything im downloading! Im assuming its downloading in the wrong place or something.PLEASE help!

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