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    Whelks are evil. They never seem to be soft, always rubbery, no matter How they are cooked. The fish and quail look nice but that sausage pastry looks like something I would do at home in a heartbeat, but not pay for in a restaurant.

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    CaroleThis just has to be you, even after 20 years, you sound the same! Thanks for brightening up my Sunday morning! Loved your blog, needed a laugh this am! Nice to find an old friend!Alex (now Coggins, was Stroud!)

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    I feel like i should have a cigarette now.I am back from hiatus. Come say hi when your lazy sunday is over. I SO get the need to take time away. Truly. Make Sunday your best of avitable day and post something clasic from your archives!Thats a quickie.CP

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    Beykent/Beylikdüzünde son durum: Kar aralıksız yağıyor. 2 saat öncesine göre ara yollarda daha fazla kar birikimi söz konusu. Şuanda sıcaklık -4,5 Derece&

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    было бы интересно, Челябинск у него есть в планах посещения при перелёте через РФ, у меня есть знакомые в местном аэроклубе, где есть свой частный аэродром

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    Welcome to my world!! Our apartment here in Singapore has 1,000 square feet and I am LOVING it&already wondering how to remove the second floor from our Georgia home when we return someday! As a Mom to Mom mentor these last four years I could sense that the young moms are getting this concept much earlier in life than we did&the Lord wants us to be connected to him not our STUFF!!With love from Singapore, Terri

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    You have a great list too! Not only hate it when there are too many characters, but when some of them just up and disappear for most of the book. (Just had that happen in my most recent read.)Thanks for stopping by.

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